A pair of pliers has three components handles, jaws and a pivot.

Pliers and is used to grip, turn or even cut by multiplying the force its user applies.

Pliers can be divided into two basic types those with a slip joint, and those with a fixed joint.

Slip-Joint Pliers

The jaws on slip-joint pliers can open to multiple widths by moving, or slipping, the pivot into corresponding grooves.

The beauty of the slip joint is its adjustability.

Fixed-Joint Pliers

Though they aren’t adjustable, fixed-joint pliers are just as essential as the slip-joint variety.

Linemens Pliers

Insulated handles make these safer for electrical applications. They’re markedly heavier than standard pliers.

Needle-nose Pliers

These slender pliers come to a fine point and are perfect for picking up and gripping very small objects.

Diagonal Pliers

Also known as side cutters, these pliers are designed to snip wire — often steel, iron, brass or copper.

Bolt Cutters

Long handles and short jaws help deliver maximum bite with minimum effort, making these useful for cutting chains, wire mesh and, of course, bolts.

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